Gin Gin Service Station to Get Major Upgrade with Caltex

Chevron Downstream Fuels Australia Pty Ltd has submitted a proposal for the Material Change of Use of a Gin Gin service station in Bundaberg Regional Council. The plan includes the redevelopment of the existing service station/truck stop facility on Mulgrave Street. The development will comprise a food and drink outlet, a service station building, and separate refuelling areas for heavy and light vehicles. Additionally, there will be three underground fuel tanks, associated car parking, and landscaping.

The redevelopment aims to improve separation between light and heavy vehicles and provide easy access to a nearby caravan park. The facility will operate 24/7 and include a car refuelling canopy with four refuelling dispensers and eight filling positions for general vehicles. Access to the service station/truck-stop facility will be via three existing crossovers onto Bruce Highway/Mulgrave Street, with a dedicated truck egress cross-over separate from the main site entry/exit.

The proposal includes 25 formal car parks, including one space for persons with disabilities and two spaces for air/water. The development application highlights that the project will provide a modern and attractive building design and landscaping with an enhancement to the Mulgrave Street frontage. The proposal also aims to improve safety and efficiency on the site for vehicles. If approved, the Gin Gin Service Station redevelopment will benefit the local community by providing a more modern and efficient facility.

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