Driver nearly wipes out staff after accelerating into Brisbane service station

Two workers have come just metres from being mowed down by an out-of-control car which crashed into a Brisbane service station.

A massive clean up operation is underway after the vehicle slammed into the front window of Freedom Fuels on Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains, just after 8am today.

The female driver, believed to be aged in her 60s, was parked at a bowser before accelerating into the service station.

Incredibly, she came within centimetres of hitting two of the staff members inside but thankfully, they were not injured.

Firefighters smashed through the glass of the front of the store before the car could be towed away.

“The people should be buying a lotto ticket because in my service, I have never seen a car go through a service station and they have escaped without physical injury,” Queensland Police spokesman Steve Flori told 9NEWS.

“I think they’re very, very lucky to be alive.”

The two staff members and driver were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Police are now speaking to the driver to work out how her car ended up inside the service station.


Extracted from 9news

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