Derrinallum service station closure due to lack of support from town, says Metro Petroleum

Metro Petroleum is calling for another operator to take over the now vacant Derrinallum service station after it closed indefinitely last week, but admits it may be a difficult endeavour.

The community was rocked by the closure of its only petrol station, airing concerns that the loss would push the town off the map.

Metro Petroleum Victorian spokesman Adam Jacobs said the business closed because it did not receive enough support from locals.

“He [the operator] told me it wasn’t busy enough, Derrinallum wasn’t supporting the business,” Mr Jacobs said

“He couldn’t make ends meet, so he packed up and left.

“Derrinallum is so quiet, there are no people there so he couldn’t make a go of it.”

Mr Jacobs said he was of the understanding that the operator, originally of Sydney, runs “a few other servos”.

He is now in charge of finding a new operator to take over.

“It’s good, we’ve interviewed a few people and a few have been interested, we’re hoping it will only be a short period of time before we see it up and running again,” Mr Jacobs said.

The Standard’s Facebook page was inundated by comments from residents concerned by the closure when it was reported this week.

Bernadette Tapscott said it was “so sad”.

“Cheapest petrol between Geelong and Portland usually so yes it will have an impact on the town,” she said.

“Loved that the previous owners would still actually put fuel in for you. Old school servo hospitality it was.

“Must say they did a good reno as well.”

Jennifer Abbott said: “It was so cheap the fuel and they have only been there for such a short time what a real blow to the town.”

Kirsty Maree said: “I always stop there as fuel was cheap! What a shame!”

Shaunie O’Connor Hollerhead said: “Surely there is a company thats willing too take over what a shame for the town.”

Jack Doughty believes there is too much competition from surrounding towns.

“There is no profit margin in fuel,” he said.

“A retailer would make four to six cents on the litre.and no one will touch it with the new servo in Lismore and the roadhouse in Mortlake, sort of a shame it’s in the middle.”

Derrinallum Newsagent proprietor Ben Ross said it should be a local that takes over it next.

“The last operator was from Sydney, people in Sydney don’t know anything about our little town,” he said.

“It should be a local who understands the town.”

Interested parties are asked to contact Metro Petroleum Victoria representative Adam Jacobs on 0408 015 588.


Extracted from The Standard

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