Council seeking funding for electric vehicle chargers

Campbelltown Council will seek funding opportunities to install electric vehicle charging stations in the area following a council resolution last week.

The council wants to install two EV charging stations in the LGA as a start: at Campbelltown Arts Centre and on Parkside Crescent, Park Central.

Additionally, the council will develop planning controls to be included in the Sustainable City Development Control Plan to encourage the provision of chargers and look to include EV charging infrastructure in future council-led developments.

The resolution came off the back of feasibility study requested by councillor Karen Hunt.

“We know cities around the world are stepping up their response to reduce carbon emissions, and we have commenced following that path to provide eco-friendly facilities,” she said at last week’s meeting.

“Electric vehicle drivers appreciate communities that provide charging in shopping centres and those that offer amenities. They become preferred places to visit, shop, work and live.

“I believe Campbelltown and the Macarthur region is positioned ideally to become a rest and recharge destination for travellers on their way further afield or even returning home.

“EV charging stations throughout the LGA will entice more motorists to stop and enjoy what we have.”

Fellow councillor Ben Gilholme said greater public uptake of electric vehicles would likely start to develop now, on the back of the state government’s $490 million package to support the transition of new car sales to 52 per cent electric by 2030/31.

This includes the waiving of stamp duty on all new electric vehicles less than $78,000, rebates of up to $3000 for the first 25,000 EVs purchased from September 1 (less than $68,750) and the waiving of road user tax for zero and low emissions vehicles for six years.

“It’s smart to go down this path now, rather than have a lack of infrastructure now,” Cr Gilholme said.

“Most people [with EVs] already suffer from some form of range anxiety depending on their battery capacity, so if we can ease that burden and make the uptake easier, it’s a no-brainer in my opinion.”

Campbelltown mayor George Brticevic said he’d like the council staff to also consider EV chargers for any new commuter car parks created by the city.

There are currently only two publicly-available EV charging stations in the LGA: at Macarthur Square and Willowdale Shopping Centre.

Two others are close by in Edmondson Park and at the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living (Mount Annan).

Extracted fromĀ MacArthur Advertiser

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