Construction starts on new service station in Toowoomba

Work has begun on a major new service station in a key growth area of Toowoomba.

Contractor Niclin Constructions has started the initial steelworks for the new servo on the intersection of Alderley and Greenwattle streets, Harristown, with local subcontractors used on the worksite.

Developer Edward Hodge, whose company was approved for the project in 2018 by Toowoomba Regional Council, said he expected to see it open by early next year.

“We purchased the property four years ago knowing what was ahead for the western corridor of Toowoomba,” he said.

“Now that the new Coles Glenvale is trading, it was the right time to bring our development online.

“We’re delighted to see local subcontractors employed on the project, and we are bringing our shovel-ready projects online as fast as possible to support industry.”

The second stage, which includes the drive-through food and drink shop, will be built after the first stage is opened.

Extracted from The Chronicle

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