Bob Katter raises idea for a ‘fuel security bill’ to shore up Australia’s supply

Federal MP for Kennedy Bob Katter has revealed he believes Australia should introduce a fuel security bill to shore up Australia’s fuel security.

“I think the numbers are there, for what my parliamentary chief of staff calls a sovereign fuel security bill,” he told Scott Emerson.

“That means that we produce our own fuel – we have three weeks of fuel.”

Last week, former defence minister Christopher Pyne warned of the potential for conflict in the Indo-Pacific region, amid rising tensions with China.

“A retired defence minister has said we are going to be at war with China. Whether you think it’s irresponsible or not, that’s what he said,” Mr Katter said.

“And we will be releasing evidence in the next couple of weeks which will send shivers down the spine of every Australian.

“If they land at Cairns, what are our soldiers going to do? There’s no fuel, you can’t move them on a truck, there’s no fuel.”

Extracted from 4bc

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