Bargain hunter reveals 7Eleven hack to score cheapest petrol

Cheap petrol prices can be hard to come by, but one woman has revealed her hack for securing the cheapest price.

Sharing her tip in the bargain shopping Facebook group, Markdown Addicts Australia, the woman revealed she uses the 7Eleven petrol app.

The app allows you to compare petrol prices at 7Eleven petrol stations close to you and lock in the lowest fuel price for seven days.

She said the key to using the app successfully was to not give up and leave the app, instead, she keeps watching prices to secure the best price.

“Just a friendly reminder to fellow 7Eleven fuel app user/watcher, don’t abandon the app,” she shared.

The Brisbane woman said she monitored prices to understand when the best price appeared. Staying on top of the changing prices, meant she was recently able to save herself more than $20 on her weekly tank or fuel.

“I locked in U98 last week at 153.50. It was $1.979 this morning… $23.36 better in my pocket.”

Others are saving too

The app allows you to lock in the cheapest price which can then be claimed at any 7Eleven petrol station Australia wide.

Other budget-savvy drivers said they’d also saved money using the app with some saying the difference was more than 39 cents per litre.

“The 7-11 app has saved me so much. I was watching the fuel prices and locked in at 1.38, I was thinking it should come down another couple of cents but the next day it went up to 1.79. Just have to remember to fill up before it expires,” one person wrote on the post.

“I very rarely need it, but I always lock in as a precaution when prices start increasing. $1.35 locked for 91, now at $1.77,” added another.

“I locked mine in last Monday for 133.9 used it on Friday when it was 175.9 I saved about $18,” added a third.

How do you get started?

Anyone can take advantage of locking on the price, all you need to do is download the My 7-Eleven app.

The app has a My Card feature that customers scan in store to redeem the locked in fuel price.

To lock in your price, the app allows you to scan prices at the five closest 7-Eleven Fuel stores with your preferred Mobil fuel type within 250kms of your current location.

The locked in fuel price is available to be used on up to 150L of a selected fuel grade and has to be done in one single fill.

If the locked in price is more expensive than the pump price when you fill up, you’ll still pay the cheaper price.

But when you lock in a price, it’s locked in for seven days or until you redeem it.

Other fuel app hacks

While most people were impressed with the 7Eleven app, others said they used a range of petrol price apps for comparison.

“If you download Petrol Spy it will give you all the prices everywhere. You can select what type of petrol on the menu too,” one person suggested.

“I use the free RACQ app that shows all the prices for most servos and start checking when I start running low,” added another.

Others suggested using the Project Zero website for finding the cheapest fuel prices statewide.

Extracted from Yahoo News

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