Adelaide gas explosion causes huge service station blaze and half-a-million dollars in damages

Motorists have been forced to run for their lives after a gas explosion sparked a huge blaze at a service station in Adelaide’s north.

The fire caused half a million dollars damage and has sparked a safety review of LPG bowsers across the state.

Witnesses watched in horror as the fire quickly raged out of control and threatened to spread.

Calls to triple zero alerted authorities to the blaze at the Dry Creek ‘On The Run’ service station around 7:30pm last night.

“It started with a gas leak and then someone went to their vehicle to turn on the ignition. At that point, there was a flash explosion,” Pat Finlay from the Metropolitan Fire Service said.

Two cars and fuel bowsers were engulfed by the flames after an LPG leak ignited.

One motorist was forced to run for his life as the fireball engulfed his car. Incredibly he wasn’t injured.

Emergency shut-off valves were activated, stopping the blaze from spreading to the station’s fuel supply.

On the Run is still investigating what caused the gas leak and will now inspect more than 100 LPG bowsers across the state.

The site remains closed while engineers assess the structure.


Extracted from 9News

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