ACT offers 2 years free rego to drivers who buy new, used zero-emissions vehicles

One Australian jurisdiction is offering two years of free rego to motorists – but there’s a big condition drivers must satisfy.

Motorists in the ACT will score two years of free registration with the purchase of a new or used zero-emissions vehicle in a bid to encourage more drivers to switch to more efficient cars.

Chief Minister and Minister for Climate Action Andrew Barr said the ACT had an “ambitious target” of net zero emissions by 2045.

“Transport emissions now account for around 60 per cent of the ACT’s greenhouse gas emissions, and of these emissions an estimated 70 per cent are from private vehicles,” Mr Barr said.

“Reducing the number of high-emitting vehicles on our roads is significant to achieving our targets along with encouraging active travel and public transport use.

“Reducing transport emissions in the ACT is an essential step to achieving a sustainable, resilient future for our Territory and to reach our goal of net zero emissions by 2045.”

Mr Barr said the ACT was fast approaching 1000 registered electric vehicles and hoped the latest scheme would make purchasing a zero emissions vehicle a “viable option” for Canberrans.

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Shane Rattenbury said the announcement was further proof the ACT was leading Australia in electric vehicle policy and incentives.

“Our community understands the need for practical and meaningful action to address climate change. We want to enable and support community action to reduce emissions, and making zero-emissions vehicles more available and affordable is one of the ways we can do that,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“The ACT government is a world leader on climate change action. With our 100 per cent renewable electricity supply, the obvious next step is to shift to electric vehicles as they offer a zero emissions transport solution.

“I look forward to seeing more zero-emissions vehicles on the road, and providing more support for the Canberra community as we work to our target of net zero emissions by 2045.”

The scheme will be offered to zero-emissions vehicles in the ACT purchased or acquired between May 24, 2021 and June 30, 2024.

Vehicles purchased before Monday will not be eligible for the scheme, but drivers will receive a 20 per cent ongoing reduction in registration fees.

The scheme does not include zero-emissions heavy vehicles and motorcycles; however, the ACT government said they would be considered in the future.

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