5 Effective Ways to Advertise Your Petrol Station

The petrol and convenience industry is highly competitive, but marketing campaigns can help give your business the competitive edge to becoming the top choice for customers.

Effective advertising translates to giving existing and potential customers something that will incline them to choose your petrol station repeatedly. New customers are great, but repeat customers are what make your business successful. Here are five effective ways to advertise your petrol station.

Advertise Your Prices
One of the most effective ways to let everyone know your petrol station is the best choice is to advertise how much better your prices are compared to competitors. For example, make sure that your business name, logo, and pricing are displaying correctly on the leading fuel price apps like Motormouth, Gasbuddy, etc.s. Many of our members are also advertising their fuel prices on their social media pages and websites to make sure customers see their pricing. Fuel is a necessary purchase for daily living, and people want to cut costs wherever they can.

Showcase Additional Amenities
If your petrol station includes a c-store or other products and services (e.g. Café or food offering), then let everyone know. If you don’t have these products or services and are capable of doing so, consider adding some. Maximising your convenience store with various products like food, beverages, coffee, and other important supplies will drive more customers and sales to your service station.

Advertise at the Pump
The main reason customers stop at your petrol station is for fuel. While they’re filling up at the pump, give them something to look at. Customers typically stand there for a few minutes, so put up advertisements for other products and services or any promotions you are running. If you have a loyalty program, the pump is a great place to let customers know they can be rewarded for their loyalty. There are some great options for eye-catching digital signage that can be placed in and around the fuel pump area.

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing has become the number one preferred method for business advertising. Millions of people use social media platforms every day, and taking advantage of them will help you reach even more customers than traditional advertising.

Creating a business page for your petrol station is a great way to increase your online presence and gives your regular customers a place to tell the world about your excellent service. You can also promote contests and special offers on your products.

Let us know if you need help setting this up.

Paid Search Advertising
Paid search advertising on Google and other search engines can help you reach your target audience and beyond. Being a top-ranking petrol station online means anyone searching for a station in your area will be led to you. For example, a simple search of “petrol stations near me” will bring your location up and direct customers to your store, especially those unfamiliar with your area.

Let ServoPro Help
ServoPro has a wide range of services to help individual petrol station owners grow their business and increase profitability. If you’re looking for marketing and advertising services to help your station reach more customers, contact us today!

To help you get started with advertising your petrol station, all ServoPro members receive a free website.

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