$25 fuel theft leads to $550 fine in Mudgee Local Court

A man who stole petrol from a Mudgee service station was fined a total 22 times the amount that he failed to pay for.

Jeffery Britton of Gracilis Way, Bidwill, was fined $550 and ordered to pay compensation of $25.02 for the charge of ‘Dishonestly obtain financial advantage etc by deception’.

On December 31, 2017, Britton put the fuel in his vehicle at the service station, only to have his card declined when he attempted to pay and was told that he couldn’t leave.

He said he would get another card “across the road” from “his brother”, but this was also dismissed by staff.

Britton was told to call him instead and said he would get his phone from the car before fleeing.

The 36-year-old was convicted in his absence when he failed to appear in Mudgee Local Court last Wednesday.

Magistrate David Day commented, “colourful character”, upon reading the police facts submitted to court.


Extracted from mudgeeguardian.com.au

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